HATKO is licensed and certified by ITF and IAAF and is a member of ESTO

As a specialized artificial grass brand, it aims to provide the correct artificial turf surfaces for various sport and entertainment fields, including soccer, tennis, rugby, baseball, landscaping, and golf, in accordance with the changing needs of the facility managers, the players and the private customers.

HATKO can supply acrylic or synthetic grass surfaces for Tennis courts. Tennis Regular is a high-strength polyethylene fibrillated and sand-dressed artificial grass system. Tennis Regular guarantees a 5 -year performance with simple and cost- effective maintenance.

The play area lines are tufted in and available in different colors, including all green or all red clay or mixed with yellow and white line markings. Tennis Regular provides the advantage of securing all-year training under any climatic conditions. Tennis Regular can drain and dry very quickly and allows for playing even after a heavy rain. Tennis Regular ensures perfect controlled bounce, excellent traction on the court, and stable playing surface.