You will always find a HATKO synthetic surface whenever you just need to drift away and enjoy your day with friends

Attracting all age groups and requiring high concentration, Paintball has already gone beyond a mere entertainment and become a sport with international tournaments. PSX Paintball Team was previously training on sand; however, in 2007, upon the proposition of HATKO, they replaced their existing fields with our 28 mm synthetic turf. Consequently, they are now able to train for long hours on a cleaner, smoother and more comfortable surface and under all climatic conditions.

Paintsign PSX Paintball Team became champion at Centurio Circuit Paintball League on April 11 to 13, 2008 in Istanbul and on July 25 to 27, 2008 in Moscow. The team was ranked 4 th on the overall classification.

We are glad of our contribution - though little it may be - to this success.

Technical specifications

Yarn characteristics

Composition : Polyethylene LSR FB
Structure : Fibrilated yarn
Dtex : 5,500 DTex
Film thickness : 110 microns
U.V Stability : 6,000 hours DIN 53387 W.O.M. TEST
Light Fastness : Grey Scale 1-5>4
Color Fastness : Blue Scale 1-8>7

Tuft characteristics

Gauge : 3/8”
Tufting : In line
Pile height : 26 mm (±1mm)
Total pile height : 28 mm (±1mm)
Tuft per sqm : 24,150 (±5%)
Fibers per sqm : 48,300 (±5%)
Velour weight : 810 sg m (±5%)

Backing characteristics

Primary backing : 100% PP Thiobac
Type of coating : Latex / PU
Total weight : 2,000 gr/sqm