Extensive Usage Area

Many regions are unsuitable for the growth of natural turf because of extreme climatic conditions, drought or heavy rains. The effort to keep public areas green all year round is one of the most important concerns for municipalities and places a serious economic burden on their shoulders. Investments into synthetic turf systems are rapidly increasing in landscaping especially among municipalities, provincial directorates, hotels and private customers.

This increase has doubtless been caused by the many factors already mentioned. However, the primary reason is tthe desire for year long green areas with low maintenance costs. HATKO landscaping product range offers customers the opportunity to bene t from green and smooth surfaces with low maintenance cost and time savings.

We have a large landscaping range from 15mm-45mm with sand- dressed, semi sand-dressed and non-in ll products. Most of our landscaping projects are destined for public parks and gardens receiving the highest levels of pedestrian traf c. For this reason, UV resistance and carpet construction strength are very important for the lifespan of landscaping grass. HATKO is being chosen for the most important projects ever realized due its superior quality standard products.

There is still hope for the environment.

Do something to save water consumption...

In March 2013 the largest synthetic grass project in the world was realized not far from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This two-tone landscaping with a surface area of 160,000m2 uses HATKO 40mm landscaping grass.

The landscaping of the traf c intersection close to King Khalid Airport, to the north of the capital of Saudi Arabia, is a sand-strewn eld of HATKO 40mm landscaping grass made by mono lament yarn in two shades of green. Bearing in mind that Riyadh registers the highest solar activity in the world, we used a special blend of raw materials to ensure we stay true to our 10-year UV guarantee.

Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) commissioned the project, choosing from a large selection of companies and selecting HATKO to be its supplier and installer thanks to our synthetic turf systems with long-lasting quality standards. The project took only 150 days from delivery to installation and was a big success for HATKO.

Synthetic grass along the rails

HATKO’s synthetic grass carpet has been used in a landscaping project in the Turkish city of Gaziantep. HATKO LANDSCAPING grass now graces the city tram line. The quality and natural appearance of the product were contributory factors in the choice of the product.

The tram rails in parts of the city now rest on a green bedding of synthetic grass, de nitely enhancing the street scene in Gaziantep (South Turkey) in the process. This green area is now known among locals as the Emerald Necklace. Highly appropriate: the tram runs in the form of a green chain running from one end of the city to the other.

The obvious choice for this project was HATKO’s Bermuda Grass. This synthetic grass carpet was selected because of the quality and realistic look and feel of the material. The synthetic grass carpet developed by HATKO satis es all the demands of the customer, while the substantial technical support, rapid delivery and installation that could be offered set the seal on the decision. The process from tender to order took merely a week, while the installation of the rst phase 67,000 m2 strips – as well as the load-bearing subbase – took no more than 27 days.

Grass system installed by Hatko Sports Technologies in Turkey.

The excellent result spawned a sequel. Around this time director Güşan Hatko signed a contract for a follow-up order. This relates to two new railway lines that will have completed before the end of 2013. With the last phase of the project, we completed the installation of 148,000m2, in total.

Extensive Usage Area

Various areas such as airports, playgrounds, running tracks, retreats, gardens, and terraces can be rendered decorative and useful with synthetic turf systems. And what is more, there are no maintenance and irrigation costs.