ELASTOLAY is HATKO engineered system developed for superior safety and high shock absorption with lower deformation as e-layer for all kind of synthetic grass sports flooring.

It is a prefabricated shock pad made by rubber granules bonded with polyurethane. ELASTOLAY is a permeable e-layer allowing a perfect vertical drainage and available in 20 mm.

ELASTOLAY is completely covered with nonwoven, which ensures high dimensiona stability, non-slip and resistance to wear.


Designed to Play Heavy-Duty Sports

System Highlights

ELASTOLAY system is designed to play heavy-duty sports such as Hockey, Rugby and Football. ELASTOLAY is easy to install and has a high stability through its special designed interlock system, which offers:

  • Uniform shock absorption performance thanks to its patented ellipse shaped crampons design on the backing
  • Dynamic load resistance prevents the vertical deformation across the whole installed area and beyond the lifespan of artificial turf
  • Meets energy restitution criteria
  • Antibacterial
  • Eco-friendly
  • Positive biomechanical properties: reduced risk of injuries
  • Long lasting performance.


Features Description
ContentRubber + Non-woven
Sizes117,5cm x 187cm (±%5)
Thickness20mm (±%5)
Weight18,5kg / Piece (±%5)
Upper FaceAnti-Slippery Square Type with Depth
BackingEllipse Shaped Shock Absorption Base
DrainageDrainage Lines
ExtraNon-woven On Both Sides
InstallationInterlock System (No Adhesive or Tape Required)
Warranty2 years