“Dream Hub” is the new international business area in Seoul.

The baseball field installed at Dream Hub, Gunsan (South Korea) shows that HATKO is the leading artificial grass company not only in soccer, but also in any kind of sport surfaces.

The Dream Hub management preferred HATKO over all the other companies; taking into consideration our installation quality and difference in system, which delivers a higher performance of shock absorption and energy restitution.

Technical specifications

Yarn characteristics

Composition : Polyethylene LSR
Structure : Monofilament duotone
Dtex : 12,000/6 (wrapped 12,500 d-tex)
Film thickness : 310 micron
U.V Stability : 6,000 hours DIN 53387 W.O.M. TEST
Light Fastness : Grey Scale 1-5>4
Color Fastness : Blue Scale 1-8>7

Tuft characteristics

Gauge : 5/8”
Tufting : In line
Pile height : 60 mm (±1mm)
Tuft per sqm : 9,765 (±5%)
Fibers per sqm : 117,180 (±5%)
Velour weight : 1,650 g/sqm (±5%)

Backing characteristics

Primary backing : 100% PP Thiobac
Type of coating : Latex / PU
Total weight : 2,900 gr/sqm