ATHLON SW System is a type of sandwich track system specially designed for excellent resilience, energy restitution and shock absoprtion for professional athletic competitions on outdoor track facilities. The system consists of an in-situ applied shock-absorbent SBR rubber base in combination with a exible high-performance polyurethane self-leveling layer, embedded with colored EPDM granules. The system strictly adheres to the IAAF's technical requirements.

System Advantages

  • Meets IAAF standards
  • Outstanding mechanical strength
  • Spike resistant
  • Excellent force reduction and energy restitution
  • Eco-friendly
  • High resistance to all weather conditions
  • Flexible & seamless
  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable system
  • UV-stable colors

Best Track Performance. Optimum Shock Absorption and Energy Restitution


Optimized design with the latest technology. HATKO R&D team use the latest polymer technology in their systems. These newly developed polymers and components increase the durability, resilience and overall performance of the system and ensure optimum compliance with the IAAF's standards in 14mm thickness.

1.HATKO PU PRIMER -PURLON 1232 is a substance used as a preparatory coating put on the sub oor before the application of top layers. It is one-component, moisture-curing, cold- applied polyurethane-based component. This layer is applied for sub oor penetration to ensure high adhesion.

2.HATKO IN-SITU RUBBER BASE is made of black SBR recycled rubber granules (1-3.5mm in size) bound with one-component polyurethane binder, PURLON 4141.This layer is applied on site by a specially designed paving machine to get a seamless surface with a nal constant thickness based on intended use (minimum 10mm). A thicker SBR sub oor provides greater shock absorption.

3.HATKOSEALCOAT-PORESEAL1010 isatwo-component,solvent-free,thixotropicpolyurethane- based sealer used to ll any voids smoothly. This layer is applied with a at trowel.

4.HATKO SELF COAT - PURLON 5252 is a two-component, solvent-free, preferably pigmented, self-leveling polyurethane coat with high elasticity. This layer is applied with a specially sized rubber squeegee.

5.HATKO EPDM LAYER. After the self-coat is applied, the same color EPDM (1-3.5mm) granules are spread over the monolithic elastic surface. A colorful, dense matrix of EPDM rubber granules is embedded into the surface to get the desired thickness and force reduction level. A day later, the excess unbonding EPDM granules are swept from the surface to be used for the next application.

6.HATKO LINE PAINT is a two-component, wear-resistant aliphatic polyurethane-based line paint.

Production, Supply, Design & Installation


• A polyurethane primer should be applied as a moisture barrier. It improves the adhesion between the substrate and the new coating. Once the entire surface is rolled with primer, the rubber base layer should be installed in-situ.

• The rubber granules and the polymer binder are incorporated into the mortar mixer to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mixture. This mixture is installed on the bituminous surface as a support for the nal track by a paver machine . It must be applied very slowly because it requires absolute precision. Apply with a hand roller to achieve a perfect surface appearance. To ensure a at surface before the application of PU coating, smooth any roughness if necessary.

• Thoroughly mix the two-component seal coat. Apply the seal coat on the rubber base mat with a at steel trowel to ll all the voids on the surface. To ensure a at surface before the self-leveling application, smooth any roughness as needed.

• Thoroughly mix the two-component self-leveling coat and apply the mixed material using the recommended rubber squeegee. The polyurethane self-coat must be applied gently to create a seamless monolithic surface as a prior bonding surface of colored EPDM granules.

• Thoroughly spread out the EPDM granules over the uncured self-leveling coat and allow drying. A day later, collect the excess EPDM granules.

• Apply nal game lines professionally.


The materials must be stored in a clean, dust-free and dry area kept away from direct sunlight. Optimum installation and storage conditions are 23ºC with 55% relative humidity.


The service life and functional characteristics of Athlon SW System Running Track can be extended depending on its usage and good maintenance. Upon the completion of the track installation, the owners are responsible for all care and maintenance in compliance with the manufacturer's guidelines. If the care and maintenance guidelines are not followed, the warranty becomes void.

• The track should be cleaned of dirt and debris at least twice a year.

• Cars or heavy motor vehicles such as trucks should not be driven on the track.

• A regular maintenance cycle should be followed to prolong the life of the surface, including a yearly depth measurement once the track is at least three years old.

• Fertilizers or grass seeds should not be allowed to be spread on the track surface.

• General Suggestions: • Re-stripe every 2-4 years • Recoat every 4-6 years • Add additional depth every 8-12 years.


• Flooring system has a very low VOC content (TVOC 0.230mg/m2/hr.).

• Make sure to comply with requirements of athletic ooring material suppliers.

• Inspect all MSDS requirements for materials. Protect all people from exposure to hazardous materials and take personal precautions.

• Track system is fully recyclable.

The Choice of Athletes for Achieving Top Performance


HATKO provides warranty under the following conditions:

• All system components must be supplied by HATKO.

• The flooring contractor/installer must be approved by HATKO.

• All guidelines related to the installation, maintenance, cleaning, etc. should be followed carefully.

• This warranty does not cover damages caused by re, wind, oods, chemicals, or other abuse, or by failure of other contractors.

• This warranty also excludes oors damaged due to ordinary wear and tear or faulty installation.


Istanbul Olympic Stadium 16,000 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Trabzon Söğütlü Athletic Track 8,150 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Sakarya Athletic Track 7,600 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Ankara University Gölbaşı Campus Athletic 7,600 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Niğde University 7,200 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Nevşehir University 7,200 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Osmaniye Athletic Track 7,200 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Isparta Merkez Athletic Track 7,200 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University 7,150 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Malatya Athletic Track 7,100 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
KKTC Güzelyurt Uner Berkalp Stadium 6,600 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Kırıkkale Başpınar Stadium Athletic 6,600 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2
Kırklareli Merkez Atatürk Stadium Athletic Track 6,400 m2 Athlon SW IAAF Class 2



Enjoy the FREEDOM of choosing your COLORS!

Another important feature that distinguishes HATKO from other manufacturers is that it supplies polyurethane in your desired color without affecting your project's budget.

RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow

RAL 1028 Melon Yellow

RAL 3016 Coral Red

RAL 5015 Sky Blue

RAL 6021 Pale Green

RAL 6027 Light Green

RAL 8024 Beige Brown

RAL 9010 Pure White

RAL 9017 Traffic Black


Supplied in 24 basic colors, you can get the shade of your choice!

HATKO uses only the best quality EPDM standard 60 Shore A granules suitable for outdoor application of any kind. High quality EPDM has strong UV-resistance and provides perfect elasticity for ATHLON track systems.

7023 Traffic Yellow

7028 Melon Yellow

7016 Coral Red

RAL 5015 Sky Blue

RAL 6021 Pale Green

RAL 6027 Light Green

RAL 8024 Beige Brown

RAL 9010 Pure White

RAL 9017 Traffic Black