HATKO in Portugal

In 2016 we arrived in Portugal through HATKO SPORTS SYSTEMS, S.A., our Agent for Portugal and Spain, as we have found ourselves to be the ideal partner to represent our products, due to all the accumulated experience and work developed in the sector.

Located in PARKURBIS, Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia do Tortosendo and with a young and dynamic team, with duly qualified professionals and with FIFA Accreditation, hatko's quality and efficiency standards are guaranteed.

Our policy is based on a philosophy oriented to the client aiming to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. Aware of the importance of economic, ecological and environmental issues, we propose the most diverse solutions that allow our clients an intuitive and effective use of them, and that allows them to enjoy pleasant spaces and well-being without concern for maintenance, especially in the days in which time is scarce.

In the area of sportiva we propose systems of FIFA certified of high yield, innovative, long lasting and that provide game comfort corresponding to the goleseese necessities of the specification of the suitable synthetic turf system, according to the characteristics of the sport, providing more hours of use with low maintenance cost. HATKO® bets on the functionality, beauty and quality of the various materials and the rigor of the installations and finishes, offering a guarantee of all installed products.

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Meet The CEO

Year 2006, we undertook the challenge to become a worldwide brand. We had great ideas and big trust in our vision, never compromising on the quality.

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Company Profile

Today, with 145 FIFA Certified installations, HATKO is number 6 on top 10 producers with most FIFA Certified installations all around the world.

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According to the climate conditions, various Polyurethane and Rubber based systems for outdoor sports


The ultimate marriage between natural grass and synthetic grass


Do something to save water consumption


Slow - Medium Slow - Fast Acrylic Systems


ATHLON SW System is a type of sandwich track system specially designed for excellent resilience


Designed to play heavy-duty sports


Santo Tirso

Football field of Areias.


Football field of Vila Franca das Naves.

Santa Comba Dão

Football field.



Edifício PARKURBIS | Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia

Escritório 0.30, Sala 4, Piso 0

6200-865 Tortosendo | Portugal


00351 275 957 025